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530 Dance Photography: Motion Captured

Dance is art embodied. From measured beats that require controlled execution to expressive performances that move our souls, dance is passion personified. Our job at 530 Dance Photography is to capture this. In our studio, we emphasize each dancer’s artistry, finding a perfect balance of creativity and technique. 

Our dancers bring their passion; we make sure the world can see it.

female dancer jumping and posing, 530 dance photography
creative dance photography
creative dance photography

Masters of Movement

Whether accentuating a deep cambré through shadows or highlighting the line of a graceful arabesque, we create eye-catching images that set you apart. At 530, we offer professional dance photography and movement direction in a collaborative, experimental, and creative setting. Our portfolio tells stories of sacrifice, passion, and the human body’s capabilities when we ask, “What if?”

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.” — Erol Ozan

female dancer posing with hand over head

A Space For All

Vulnerability requires trust. Just as trust is important when moving with a dance partner, so it is when collaborating with a dance photographer. At 530 Dance Photography, we give our dancers the respect, support, and guidance they need to show the best version of themselves on the camera. We build this trust with mutual respect, an inclusive environment, and by remaining open-minded to our dancer’s goals, needs, and ideas. True creativity and collaboration are products of trust.

female dancer posing with hand over head
female dancer posing with flowing outfit, creative dance photography
female dancer posing with flowing outfit

A Dance Photography Studio Made For Movement

Our dance photography studio is purposely designed and built for dancers. Using only industry-leading equipment, everything a dancer needs to safely perform is here. From the best-in-class sprung floor to the designated warm-up area to our wide collection of leotards, skirts, fabrics, and props, we provide everything you need to perform at your peak so that together, we can create masterpieces.

male dancer posing en pointe, professional dance photography


Undivided Attention to Your Creative Vision

When you choose to work with us, we reserve an entire day to experiment and play, dedicating the time it takes to fully develop each pose and creative idea. Whether you need technically excellent audition shots, stand-out headshots, or want to spend a day experimenting with a creative idea, we take the time to work with you to capture everything you need. At 530, we provide out-of-box thinking and one-of-a-kind approaches to take your images to the next caliber.

male dancer posing en pointe, professional dance photography
female dancer facing the camera
creative dance pose with blue lighting
female dancer posing to the camera
two dancers posing together with blue lighting

Beyond Basic Dance Photography

We may be a professional dance photography studio, but we do much more than that. We capture movement—body and soul—in all of its creativity, whether it be classical ballet, modern dance, or any other movement disciplines or practices. From pre-professional dancers to well-established dance companies, 530 creates visual stories that connect us all.