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Dance Headshots For Your Next Steps

Dance is a way of life. Like any passion, it becomes an essential part of your life, even if you don’t plan to continue professionally. Dance headshots can help to build confidence, portray your personality, and work toward your future goals.

Who Benefits From Dance Photography?

Dance is an art form unlike any other. Unlike a painting or sculpture that has permanence, dance’s movement evolves in a blink. With dance photography, we can capture the dance—and the dancer’s—story in a more permanent, lasting way. Dance headshots should convey a dancer’s personality and help tell their story. Great headshots are a necessary component of any dancer’s marketing toolkit. With these stills in hand, a dancer can build their portfolio for dance schools, training programs, and professional companies.

Elements of a Stunning Headshot

It’s our job at 530 Dance Photography to capture each dancer’s unique artistry, blending our creativity with your technique. These are the elements we consider with every headshot to turn your portfolio from basic to booked:

  • Lighting—Good lighting is the foundation of every photo. By playing with light and shadows, we can highlight your best features.
  • Background—With a clean, uncluttered background, you can shine.
  • Authenticity—Your headshot should be uniquely, unapologetically you. We value realness and authenticity and strive to capture these moments for our dancers.
  • Variety—Headshots don’t have to be simple. Variety in poses, expressions, and outfits can change the tone of a photo.
  • Post ProductionWith the right technical know-how, we take your headshots to the next level.
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What To Expect

When you book a headshot session with 530, we reserve enough time to ensure your individual personality is captured in your headshot.

During this time, our photographer and movement director will coach you through the poses. With access to our on-site wardrobe and professional-grade equipment, we ensure you have everything you need to make it happen. After your session, you’ll receive a Proof gallery of your dance headshots so you can select your favorite images and take your next career steps.

Our Process

When seeking out professional dance headshots, you should be able to own the process from start to finish. We keep things simple at 530:

  1. Pre-shoot meeting to go over goals 
  2. Full day in the studio if also shooting dance images.
  3. Post-production and Proof gallery
  4. Headshots in hand and ready to move your career forward

Dance Headshots Bring Experience To Life

It’s difficult to translate the emotive power of dance into a still shot. But it’s this intersection of motion and still photography that our studio translates for your audiences to see. We work with our clients to create dance headshots that showcase their raw talent, experience, and the powerful art they create with their bodies.

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