female dancer en pointe, performance photography

This Is Performance Photography

Think back to the first moment you saw a professional dancer perform or go en pointe. In a seemingly impossible fight against gravity, they made every move look both effortless and elegant. Maybe you held your breath, maybe you even scrunched your toes in sympathetic pain, but the moment was probably palpable for all who witnessed it. Moments like these are the epitome of performance—when we watch movement executed with such mastery that it seems almost impossible. We do more than dance photography at 530; we aim for performance photography and capturing these moments of pure drama and delight that stick in our minds forever. 

couples ballet photography shot


While we photograph dancers of all genres, our professional dancers usually specialize in ballet, pointe, modern, or contemporary dance. Often these performers do this as a career and spend hours training each day in preparation for performances. As a result, they are highly accustomed to dance’s rigorous, physical, and time demands. Many of our professional dancers are auditioning, contracted with a professional company, in graduate-level programs, or pioneering their own choreographic work and need performance photography to highlight their abilities and differentiate their portfolios.

couples ballet photography shot
female dancer en pointe
creative performance photography, male dancer bending backwards

Advanced + Pre-Professional

This group typically consists of ballet, pointe, modern, or contemporary students (12 to 18 years old) who are enrolled in competitive or accelerated dance programs but have yet to start their professional dance careers.

Our advanced students may not intend to go professional, but they are equally passionate about dance and still benefit from professional dance photography. Pre-professional dancers are on-course to become professional dancers and are usually enrolled in a high school, college, certificate, or apprenticeship dance program. They are accustomed to the rigorous demands of dance and scholastics and often need professional dance photography for their next steps.

Dance Companies + Studios

Our studio frequently works with dance schools and programs to provide their students with photography for their portfolios. Many of these dance academies, ballets, theaters, and dance companies undertake numerous live performances and events, for which they need photography. We work with program directors and artistic directors to provide students and company members the opportunity to capture one-of-a-kind headshots and group dance photos.

dance studio photography example
creative performance photography, chrome effect
dance studio photography example

Creative Performative Photography

We provide a wide range of creative dance photography. These creative shoots are full of movement, drama, and color and are true works of art for our performers. We work with clients’ individual goals to create unique shoots that display their skill sets and creative prowess.