female dancer leaping, dancer photography
woman leaping and posing, dancer photography

Advanced + Pre-Professional Dance

Dancer Photography to Launch Your Career

You’ve spent your life training to perfect your craft; now’s the time to show it to the world. With 530’s advanced and pre-professional dancer photography, we capture your skills so you can take the next part of your career to new heights.

Advanced Students

To be a student of dance takes dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. Our advanced students are typically high school-aged dancers enrolled in competitive or accelerated dance programs. They are passionate, serious, and show a strong commitment to their dance education and training. For these clients, we know that dancer photography can bring a sense of confidence in skills and provide an experience even if you don’t have plans to continue professionally.

Pre-Professional Dancers

Our pre-professional dance clients have aspirations to dance professionally and are continuing on that journey. They’re currently enrolled in an advanced dance program or pursuing a college degree in dance. They plan to take on an apprenticeship or full-time position in a dance company and are used to the rigorous demands of dance and scholastics. Their drive and determination are apparent in all aspects of their lives, and they require dance photography that will set them apart and help them reach their professional dance goals.

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What To Expect

When you book a session with 530, we reserve the entire day and studio for you. During this time, our photographer and movement director will coach you through the poses that best align with your goals. With access to our on-site wardrobe, professional-grade equipment, and sprung floor, we ensure you have everything you need to make magic happen. After your session, you’ll receive a Proof gallery of your photos so you can select your favorite images and take your next career steps.

Dance Photography Brings Your Experience To Life

It’s difficult to translate the emotive power of dance into a still shot. But it’s this intersection of motion and still photography that our studio translates for your audiences to see. We create collaborative dancer photography that showcases clients’ raw talent, experience, and the powerful art they create with their bodies.

A Lesson in Unlearning

As a student of this art, you’ve been trained to precisely execute certain angles and poses that are technically accurate to the eye. Dancing for the camera is different from the studio or stage. Playing to the audience of this 2D image means technical things shift, and the correct can look incorrect (and vice versa). Certain adjustments we ask you to make might feel awkward or unnatural at first, but when you see the results the improvement is easily noticeable. It’s often this fine-tuning that helps us achieve what is not only usable but what is the peak of your ability as a dancer. Because we work with two art forms—dance and photography—we have to create a partnership between them in order to create together.

female dancer posing with hand over head