dance studio photography, two male and female dancers posing
two male and female dancers posing

Dance Companies + Studios

Dance Studio Photography

There’s something uniquely beautiful when a group of dancers works together. Each dancer is a piece of a puzzle and, when properly assembled, they make a cohesive, beautiful image. At 530, we produce dance studio photography that captures your group and the individuals within it.

Dance Companies, Studios, & Programs

We work with a variety of group dance clients that include undergraduate and graduate dance programs, dance academies and studios, ballet schools, theater companies, and dance companies. Some of these companies work with upwards of 50 students/professional dancers and undertake numerous live performances and events. We know the importance of capturing the personality of these groups and individuals through dance studio photography.

dance studio photography example with two female dancers posing
What To Expect

When you book a session with 530, we reserve the entire day and studio for you. During this time, our photographer and movement director will coach your group through the poses that meet your goals. After your session, you’ll receive a Proof gallery of your dance photos so you can select which images will take your dance company to new heights. Once your images are selected, final editing will turn each into a masterpiece.

A Lesson in Unlearning

As a master of this art, you’ve been trained to precisely execute certain angles and poses that are technically accurate to the eye. Dancing for the camera is different from the studio or stage. Playing to the audience of this 2D image means technical things shift, and the correct can look incorrect (and vice versa). Certain adjustments we ask you to make might feel awkward or unnatural at first, but when you see the results, the improvement is easily noticeable. It’s often this fine-tuning that helps us achieve what is not only usable but what is the peak of your ability as a dancer. Because we work with two art forms—dance and photography—we have to create a partnership between them in order to create together.

Meeting Individual or Group Goals

No matter how large the studio or program, dance is still highly unique to the individual. 530 Dance Photography is versatile enough to cater to both individual and group needs. This could be many things from providing students the opportunity to create images and headshots to capturing a dance company’s talent for their website.

dance studio photography example with two female dancers posing

Creative Dance StudioPhotography: Art in Motion

It’s difficult to translate the emotive power of dance into a still shot. But it’s this intersection of motion and still photography that our studio translates for your audiences to see. We work with our clients to create individual and dance studio photography that showcases their raw talent, experience, and the powerful art they create with their bodies.