What Our Clients Say  

530 Dance Photography is absolutely incredible!! The quality is unmatched. The photography duo is warm and welcoming and the location is lovely. From the very beginning of our communication, I was impressed. They were so attentive, polite, and professional with me. I had many questions (since this was my first shoot) and they were all answered before I even got to the shoot. I’m from Manhattan and had to take the train to Jersey where I was actually picked up at the station by Jess, Harry’s lovely assistant and dance/movement coordinator; she’s a joy to be around. I came to get my dance headshots and creative dance photos done and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The whole headshot process wasn’t scary at all as I imagined it would be. Instead, Harry made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. He knew how to adjust lighting and angles like a pro to minimize and/or highlight whatever I wanted in my shots. His attention to detail is truly one of a kind and he was insistent on shooting until I had something I really loved. That was the type of attentivenedd I was looking for. Also, they had a beautiful collection of leotards to borrow for free at the studio. I picked out a gorgeous custom leotard that I got to use in my pictures and a long flowing skirt. The dance photos are so professional and absolutely stunning. The creativity and artistry that Harry and Jess displayed was truly a beautiful process to be part of. I could not recommend 530 Dance Photography more for whatever you’re looking to get done. You will not regret your choice to work with this professional, welcoming business.
- Savannah Rolfe

This is one of the very best in the business! Harry and his team are talented, creative, courteous, patient, and super professional! The knowledge of light, lines, timing, dimension, and the rendering of emotion is absolute! We end up with artistic photos that can only enhance the portfolio of a dance student, dancer, or professional dance company.
- Carole Alexis

I had the best time working with 530 Dance Photography! They understood exactly what I was looking for in my shoot and worked to help me get the best pictures possible. I never felt rushed in getting a shot done and really appreciated the positive and safe environment they created:))
- Kaylin Matthews

Working with 530 Dance Photography consisted of both a positive environment and a successful photo shoot! Harry gave me time to warm up for dance shots, did not ask me to do any dangerous stunts, and gave clear and motivating direction. The photos were came out beautifully . I absolutely recommend others to check out their services by at least booking a consultation 😁
- Jefferson Konah

Absolutely an amazing experience start to finish. The culture this company creates during their shoots is so friendly and comfortable and the photos are always stunning. I have worked with 530 Dance Photography a few times and have been blown away each time by the team and how much fun each shoot has been. By far my favorite Photography studio I have ever worked with!!! Can’t recommend enough!!
- Teryn Trent

I loved every second of my experience with 530 Dance Photography! It was such a collaborative experience and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the entirety of the day. And of course all of the photos turned out absolutely stunning!!
- Madison Meredith

530 DP creates such a comforting environment to try new things and feel confident in front of the camera! Would recommend to anyone looking for amazing professional dance photos!
- Elena Yasin

This team is superb! I‘ve done multiple shoots with them and always left happy. It’s clear they know the aesthetics of dance and can consistently create beautiful photos. I love working with them!
- Julia Foti

Such a great experience to work with everyone involved in the photoshoot! I’ve done several shoots with Harry and I’ve always felt supported and welcomed every time! I really feel apart of the collaborative process and that my voice is heard in the studio! Thank you guys again 🙂
- Anne

Had a phenomenal experience working with these two artists! Such an amazing environment to shoot in, and the photos came out amazing!
- Alex Silvis

530 photography is a next level photography experience. I did a dance and athletic fitness shoot with them and it truly was a smooth, efficient and wonderful process. From the beginning, both Harry and his fabulous assistant Jess, were communicative, wanted to make sure I felt comfortable, listened to my ideas, had a place for outfits when I arrived and were super clear on how the day could go with room for spontaneity and creativity as well (which I appreciated). You can tell they both love and are VERY good at what they do.Not to mention the studio, is an absolutely gorgeous space! I felt excited to play in front of the camera and supported as each shot was approached with very close attention to detail and lighting. Jess is a fabulous coach for you movers out there who has the expertise to guide and support the dancers as she is a dancer herself! Post shoot, the editing process was pretty easy through the online platform provided where I could select and categorize my favorite photos. They even hopped on a follow up zoom to make sure I was happy with the final products. If you are a dancer, model or athlete, or creative of any kind, this company is one you want to hire and will excite you to be creative, play and also end up with absolutely fabulous photos from it!
- Emily Chamberlin

530 Dance Photography is such an incredible team to work with! They have awesome equipment that helps them to create truly beautiful art. I absolutely loved my photos and had so much fun during the shoot! They listened to my ideas and helped to bring them to life. I am looking forward to working with them again soon!
- Kristin Potocki

I absolutely loved working with 530 Dance Photography! I did my first ever dance shoot with them and felt very comfortable throughout the process. The clear communication and collaboration during each shot made me feel more confident in the images we produced together.
- Cynthia Pearsall

I’ve worked with 530 Dance Photography a few times and I really enjoy the process! They are super kind and patient, they help you find the right poses and take their time to make sure you get a shot you love. It felt like a real collaboration between artist and photographer.
- Christine Rexroad